Traditional Aleppo Soap offers a timeless skincare experience.


Meticulous craftsmanship allows Lowy's Aleppo Soap to mature and develop its distinct character. Removing machinery from the process and preserving this ancient technique not only maintains a connection to the cultural heritage. It creates a soap of unparalleled quality, rich in nutrients and gentle on your skin.


When making the world’s first hard soap, Lowy's Aleppo Soap makers follow the same, unchanged process of individually stamping each soap bar with a seal of authenticity.


Lowy's Aleppo Soap bars are then lifted carefully and cleaned before being placed in ventilated, subterranean cellars, away from the sun, for optimal storage.


We stack the soap bars in such a way that allows maximum air exposure; then leave them to age like this for 7 months.


During the minimum 7-month drying period, Lowy's Aleppo Soap bars oxidize at the surface and takes on a golden color outside while retaining an olive green color inside.


Once the drying period is over, Lowy's Aleppo Soap bars are cleaned again, packaged and ready to be delivered to you.

The Power of Laurel Oil


Laurel oil is pressed from an indigenous Mediterranean forest plant, Laurus Nobilis, one of Earth's very few underutilized species. Not only is this plant environmentally sustainable, it has the capacity to be used more widely and has yet to reach its full ecological potential!

Laurus nobilis is not as well-known as some other herbs and spices, such as rosemary and thyme, there is less demand for it, which also contributes to its underutilization.

Laurus nobilis takes a long time to mature, so it's less attractive to commercial growers who are looking for plants that can be harvested more quickly


For every bar of Lowy's Aleppo Soap purchased, we pledge to donate one bar of Aleppo Soap to a person seeking refuge, helping to improve their health and overall well-being.


Aleppo Soap bars donated

Harvesting our ingredients by hand from wild plants, in their natural habitat, preserves biodiversity and prevents genetic modifications of any kind. Lowy's Aleppo Soap is made from natural ingredients that break down in the environment without harming it. The olive and laurel oils used in production are harvested from slow-growing trees that can live for hundreds of years and do not require a lot of water to grow.

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